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Letterpress Machines

Caslon House
Lyon Way
St Albans
AL4 0LB / UK

+44 (0)1727-852211
F: +44(0)1727-855772

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Diestamping, Engraving and Etching Systems
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  • Engraved Stationery, traditionally a hand fed process, has come out of the dark ages and now uses modern methods and high technology green products in its production.
  • More recently it is being used for its security benefits as well as its beauty & quality.
  • Caslon Limited provide a complete range of products and services for the Engraver and Diestamper across Europe. We stock inks from the Cronite Corporation and Buzz Sales.
  • Our colour matching service, using Cronite’s range of laserproof pure colours, now has the ability to simulate all colours from the new Pantone Metallic Guide.

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  • Diestamping Machinery
    Cronite are the only Diestamping Press manufacturers still making machines in the world
    Download PDF Leaflet
  • Consumables
    For a full list of all our Diestamping and Engraving Products see our 2009 Catalogue
    Download PDF Catalogue

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  • Etching Systems
    Check out the Cronite SEA SuperEtch system for quick efficient copper etching.
    Download PDF Leaflet
  • For further information and full technical support on any of these products call 01727-772211 or email