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Punch-Tech hole punching equipment. Many products require hole punching but unfortunately, current methods of adding holes are less than ideal. Die cutting often leaves undesirable waste in the “hole” and drilling is labor intensive and can only produce round holes.

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Using Punch-Tech equipment and tooling, round or shaped holes can be added with waste ejected cleanly from the sheet. Smaller products, printed multiple up, can be quickly, accurately and efficiently hole punched with minimal labor cost.

Punch-Tech hole punching equipment can create round and shaped holes in stocks up to 30 pt. (0.030”) thick.

Punch assemblies are manufactured to meet customer requirements for hole size, shape and spacing.

Two punch assemblies can be installed, with either or both assemblies hole punching in one pass.

Up to twenty programmable positions can be hole punched along the length of the sheet.

To provide maximum flexibility, hole punching equipment assemblies can be easily installed or removed.

Creating, storing and recalling programs, as well as machine operation, is controlled through a Windows touch screen computer with a 12” full colour display.

Punch-Tech hole punching equipment uses an offset press style air feeder which can feed coated, un-coated, laminated and UV coated sheets.

The feeder features a double sheet detector and can support a 13.5” paper pile.

To minimise labor costs, Punch-Tech hole is designed to run largely unattended. Operators can load the feeder, create or recall the hole punch program, set a batch counter and start the machine. Batch quantity is determined by how many sheets can be collected in the delivery tray. The Punch-Tech will automatically stop at the end of each batch and the operator can clear the delivery tray and restart the machine to run the next batch.

As you can see, Punch-Tech hole punching equipment is a unique production machine that is ideally suited to add holes to a wide range of multiple up, digital products quickly, accurately and reliably. Punch-Tech hole punching equipment is the only machine of its type currently available and fills an important niche with printers who need maximum hole punching flexibility and hole waste removal.


Up to 20 hole punch positions can be programmed on each sheet. Equipped with two punch assemblies, holes can be punched with either or both punch assemblies as sheets pass through the machine.

Punch-Tech can punch holes in stock up to 30 pt. thick.

Uncoated, coated, laminated and UV coated stocks can be run on Punch-Tech equipment.

Glue-Tech equipment is available to produce thick products.


Punch-Tech hole punching equipment ejects hole waste.

Unlike die cutting, Punch-Tech uses tooling that ejects hole waste material through the lower portion of the tool.

Punch-Tech tooling can create chad free round, slot and shaped holes.

Punch-Tech can run sheets up to 13” wide by 20” long.

THERM-O-TYPE hole punching equipment is operator friendly.

The offset press style suction feeder, with 13.5” paper capacity, allows the Punch-Tech to run with minimal operator intervention.

Hole punch positions, down the length of the sheet, are programmable and programs can be stored and retrieved by the operator.

Our hole punching equipment is versatile.

Two punch assemblies can be installed in the Punch-Tech with either or both assemblies punching holes as sheets pass through the machine.

Punch assemblies can be made to punch different hole sizes, shapes and spacing.

Punch assemblies can be easily removed/installed from the machine.

The Punch-Tech is controlled using a Windows 10 computer core with a 12” full colour touchscreen interface.


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