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Engraved Stationery, traditionally a hand fed process, has come out of the dark ages and now uses modern methods and high technology green products in its production.

Diestamping & Engraving

More recently it is being used for its security benefits as well as its beauty and quality.

Caslon Limited provide a complete range of products and services for the Engraver and Diestamper across Europe. We stock inks from the Cronite Corporation and Buzz Sales.

Our colour matching service, using Cronite’s range of laserproof pure colours, now has the ability to simulate all colours from the new Pantone Metallic Guide. 

Cronite are the only Diestamping Press manufacturers still making machines in the world. Cronite’s 3 X 8 ¾ Hi-Speed Press is the result of changes and improvements on the original press throughout the years.

The basic design is the accomplishment of the former Modern Die and Plate Press Manufacturing Company that manufactured the first 3 X 8 Modern Press in the late 1920’s. As each lot of presses were made, modifications were incorporated to better suit the industry’s needs.

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