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Maxit is a motorised roller coater which applies a very thin smooth coating of
a unique hot melt adhesive. Once the substrate is coated it will stick permanently to just about any
surface including plastic, wood and metal.

Maxit 2022

The machines will coat 30cms in 4 seconds and once processed the adhesive will not lose its tack so mounting does not have to be immediate. The adhesive will not transfer to fingers and is completely Non-Hazardous and Non Toxic.

As it uses a special hot melt adhesive the machine is warm when running. But the heat will not affect inkjet or laser prints. 

The system is so simple it requires no daily or monthly maintenance either.

MX11 Adhesive

The MX11 adhesive was created for book covers and any application where a tight fold back and extra strong adhesion is required. It never dries out so can be used at any time after coating and sticks to almost any surface. It is not suitable for products that require guillotining after gluing.

RP Adhesive

This adhesive is formulated for any requirement where flat surfaces are to be glued together. It will provide a stiffer bond on flexible products and allows some re positioning. This product will cure out over time and leaves very little residue on your guillotine blade.
If you would like to see the results, send us some media and mounting material. We will coat it and return it for you to examine. Alternatively, call us to book a demonstration in our showroom!


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