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The RAS – Right Angle Slitter is the latest production model from Therm-O-Type, designed specifically for the digital market, with many outstanding features! Using the RAS-mc, customers can efficiently slit, multiple up products, from single sheets at speeds up to 6,000 sheets per hour.

RAS - Right Angle Slitter

Quick change, rotary tooling cassettes allow multiple product sizes and formats to be produced from one machine investment. Product size and format changes can be simply completed in two minutes, without the need for tools.

The heavy duty, gutter cut slitting blades are ideal for finishing multiple up products with, or without bleeds. A 343mm paper capacity, offset style, feeder and delivery conveyor decrease operator workload and improve overall efficiency. 

The Auto adjust upgrade consists of:
– Enclosure with touch screen computer interface
– Main auto adjust cassette
– Right angle auto adjust cassette
– Cables

The auto adjust upgrade can be added to any RAS-mc. RAS-mc right angle slitters that have been upgraded can use auto adjust and fixed position cassettes separately or in combination.

Up to eight product sizes can be programmed, stored and recalled for each cassette combination. Stored size information can be changed by the operator as desired. Odd sizes can also be programmed to provide maximum finished size flexibility. Selecting a stored product size and auto adjust blade spacing takes less than five seconds.

Side edge waste deflectors are automatically adjusted with side trim slitting blade assemblies on main and right angle auto adjust cassettes. There has never been a right angle slitter produced with the unique combination of features and technologies found on the RAS-mc.

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