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Sunraise developed our automated, stand alone powdering section specifically for the application of adhesive transfer industry. Available in 12″, 15″, 20″, 30″, and 40″ wide versions, each one features our exclusive moulded cast aluminium vacuum head which focuses the vacuum precisely to the substrate surface allowing for a crisp, clean product every time.

Sunraise Adhesive Powder Applicator PS30

It can operate in-line with high production presses and our variable vacuum control which allows you to increase or decrease vacuum, accommodating powder as fine as 60 microns or as coarse as 200, allowing for a wide range of designs and effects. 

With our legendary reputation for superior performance and reliability, you can bet adding a Sunraise Powdering Section to your operation will ensure years of productive service.

Electrical Requirements:
208V/3 Phase. 15 amps. 60 cycle (Can be modified to accommodate all international standards).

Max Stock Width:
30in 76.2cm

Length: 40.5in 103cm
Height: 69in 176cm
Width: 52in 133cm

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