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Thermography Powders are used to enhance stationery and print by raising the ink to give a smooth, normally glossy, finish.

Thermography Powder

Letterheads, Business Cards, Greetings Cards and Social Stationery have been traditionally enhanced with the Thermographic Process but now designers are using the process on Wrapping Paper, Paper Bags, Sales Brochures, Product Packaging and even Braille.  

Our range of powders, are manufactured from the finest raw materials and are the result of over 90 years experience in the field of Thermography.

The complete range is formulated for use in hand fed, fully-automatic machines, immersion powdering systems and for Art Stamping.

All powders are anti-static treated during manufacture to enhance the flow and alleviate clogging in thermography machinery.

As Thermography becomes more specialised and the designs get ever more adventurous, printers rely more heavily on suppliers for support and backup. With this in mind Powder Arts Thermography Warehouse, was set up and tasked with marketing, supplying and providing technical assistance on powder products world-wide.

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