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The Perfect Solution for Proofs, Short Run Jobs and Personalisation

The FoilTech FT-22F is the automatic feed version of the FT-22 and is the latest in the range of foil fusing machines and incorporates two foil roll holders for side by side foiling! This friction feed model incorporates a fully digital control panel for accurate setting of both temperature and speed, thereby ensuring that any repeat job can be simply and quickly re-established.


It couldn’t be simpler; just print an image on your laser printer, set the desired temperature and speed using the digital controls, load up with one or two foil rolls, start the machine running, engage the impression lever and begin to create inexpensive, foiled images that can command a high retail price in today’s market place. 

The machine will accept sheets up to 340mm wide and of any length. As it foils from a toner image there is no requirement for a negative or an expensive metal die. No special make-ready supplies, training or skills are required to produce beautiful flat foil stamping with the FT-22F or any other FoilTech model.

  • Automatic Feed
  • Maximum Sheet Width 310mm
  • The maximum stock thickness is 400gsm
  • Foil up to 2 colours on each pass

Our FoilTech Foil is available in a range of colours and effects, including wallpaper holograms. Rolls are available at 300mm wide or specific widths can be cut to size. 

The FT-22F is just one model in Caslon’s extensive range of digital foiling machines. Be sure to check out the full range on our website to ensure you have chosen the right model for you and your business.

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Foil fusing image 1
Foil fusing image 2
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FT22F closeup

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