Clear gloss Foil

Clear Gloss Foil Toner Foil

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PermaLam Gloss Laminating Film

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PermaLam Matte Laminating Film

£79.20 (Ex Vat)

There are four types of laminating film that have been specifically developed to work with the new PermaLam Process.

Matte, gloss and soft touch finish, 1.2 mil “PermaLam” films provide excellent toner/foil adhesion and good scratch resistance. PermaLam films are ideal for book covers, business cards, greeting cards, post cards, box covers and many other applications.

A 1.5 mil thick, gloss finish “Scratch Off Lam” is also available. Scratch Off Lam allows foil to be fused over underlying text and/or graphics. Foil fused over Scratch Off Lam transfers cleanly and bonds well to the film.

Click here to download the PermaLam Laminating Films leaflet.

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