Maxit 2022

Maxit 24″ Adhesive Machine

£1,395.00 (Ex Vat)

Maxit RP Adhesive

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Maxit RP Adhesive

Rollataq Cold Adhesive

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It will not soak through thin papers and will not yellow over time. It stays fresh in the coater for a long time, thereby eliminating daily cleanup. The hand applicator is available in 55mm width whilst the motorised units are available in two sizes; 622mm wide and 927mm wide.

The Rollataq adhesive is available in three different container sizes; 0.47 litres, 0.94 litres and 3.8 litres.

Note: One of the surfaces must be porous to get a permanent bond.
For example, a photo paper that is non porous can be mounted to foamboard, matte board, paper or cardboard which are all porous, but not to plastic.

If you are mounting a print with a porous surface, it will stick to all porous and non porous surfaces including plastic, wood and metal.

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The Rollataq Adhesive system has a unique adhesive which is ideally suited to a range of applications such as mounting photos, posters and artwork; making greeting cards and invitations; adhering labels as well as making jigsaw puzzles!

The cold adhesive is acid free, non toxic and delivers the smoothest, most even coating whilst still providing the strongest adhesion possible.


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0.47 litres, 0.94 litres, 3.8 litres

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